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Booking terms and method of payment

Registrations are valid for two seasons (the current year and the following season). The office takes registrations throughout the year. Any registration will be validated only after receipt of full payment of the service (payment facilities are available on request). You can register in "open ticket" (ie with a date of appointment to be defined later) or date, according to our schedule.

If you already have an "open ticket", after consulting our schedule, you must imperatively make the appointment date request by mail or telephone.

You can not consider this appointment as validated only upon receipt of our email confirmation of appointment (remember to consult the folder of junk mail from your mailbox).

We accept all methods of payment (online payment, check, transfer, credit card and cash).

We recommend payment online to book immediately on our website with or without a fixed date because the schedule can vary very quickly.

Terms of cancellation

Outings can be postponed due to bad weather or technical problem, for this reason we contact you the day before the morning of the outing by phone as soon as we have read the latest newsletters. If the weather conditions are not favorable, in this case the output will be postponed (depending on availability) or you will be refunded in full.
The DTO airlift can not be held responsible in the event of weather cancellation or technical problems of repercussions on the expenses incurred for reservations made by air, rail or accommodation (think of editable or refundable tickets). We advise you to be flexible to 2 or 3 days near the date in case of weather cancellation or lack of participants especially if you opt for online payment. We will always do our best to ensure the exit on the chosen date. If you choose the payment directly in CB, it is we who will manage the filling of the boat so the exit will always be assured except weather problem.

Online payment on our website with or without date.

- By check: By mail, in this case must attach the registration form fully completed to your check (made payable to: SAS DTO). The shipping address is indicated at the top of the registration form. (Please, do not send your mail as Registered Receipt Reception, you can possibly send in "letter followed")
- By transfer: Send by mail the fully completed registration form and the receipt of transfer.
- By credit card: On site or by phone, directly with the sales manager.
- In cash: Only on site at the office (upon registration).

Once the release date is set:
- If you wish to permanently cancel your service, a management fee of 15 euros per person will be deducted from your refund.
- If you want to change your date of appointment, you will be able to do it free of charge up to a maximum of two changes, beyond which you will be charged a management fee of 15 euros.

ATTENTION : No request for cancellation or change of date can be taken into account if itis not made at least 15 days before the date of release, by mail or email. Telephone or text messages will not be taken into account.


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